Company Overview · Company history

Company Overview

Company name Sanko Ematec Co.,Ltd.
Address Head office: 544 Takama-cho,Meito-ku,Nagoya,Aichi,JapanMAP
Gifu office: 105 Komeno,Kasamatsu-cho,Hashima-gun,Gifu,JapanMAP
Mie office: 1B Shiroko SOHO Building,8232 Shiroko-cho,Suzuka,Mie,JapanMAP
Toyohashi office: 182 Funahara-cho,Toyohashi,Aichi,JapanMAP
Established July 11,1975
Descriptions of business 1.Sales of vacuum instruments,equipment,and accessories and consumables
2.Sales of suface observation and analysis equipment
3.Sales of thermal analysis equipment and thermal physical properties measurement equipment
4.Sales of physics and chemistry instruments and measurement instruments
5.All services ancillary to each of the previous items
Paid-in capital 10,000,000 yen
Account closing month June(once per year)
President Yusuke Ito
No,of employees 28
Banks Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ(BTMU),Otsumachi branch
Mizuho Bank, Nagoya branch
Aichi Bank, Takabari branch

Company History

1960 Began handling vacuum instruments at Sanko Corporation as an appointed distributor of Japan Vacuum Engineering CO.,Ltd(now Ulvac inc.) for the Tokai region.
July 1975 With growth in demand from late 1965 to 1970 across various research institutions such as Nagoya Umiversity, and general industry, Sanko ULVAC Co.,Ltd. was established in July 1975 as a dedicated sales company through cooperation between the two companies of Japan Vacuum Engineering Co.,Ltd. and SANKO Co.,LTD.
January 1986 Established the Tsu sales office in Tsu city as the sales office for Mie Prefecture.
June 1992 Due to growing business,the Tsu sales office was renamed the Mie sales office and moved to Suzuka city.
April 1994 Established the Gifu sales office in Kakamigahara city in Gifu Prefecture as the dedicated sales representative in the Tokai region.
October 1996 Moved the head office to the current location and stared sales.
July 2001 Japan Vacuum Engineering Co.,Ltd. changed its name to Ulvac Inc.
June 2002 Obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification(head office).
August 2007 Expanded head office.
July 2013 Implemented reorganization with the aim of improving efficiency of sales.
November 2013 Started exhibiting at exahibitions as our company by itself.
October 2015 Newly established the Toyohashi sales office.
July 2016 Relocated the Gifu sales office.
July 2017 Changed company name to Sanko Ematec Co.,Ltd.