Message from President

120% satisfaction aim of our customers

In July 2017 , our company changed its name to Sanko Ematec Co.,Ltd.

We also set a new corporate philosophy of “Sanko Ematec finding the undiscovered possibilities of vacuum technology and providing new value
to the future”,and will continue to grow with the aim of evolving as a commercial company that is trusted and needed by everyone and
that contributes to society.

Although the state of society is changing daily in a rapid frenzy and supporting this is becoming more complicated,
our employees who always strive to improve under the motto of “aiming for 120% customer satisfaction”,which is the newly implemented
policy of conduct of our company,work together to deliver customer satisfaction through excellent proposals and services.

Going forward,we hope to provide assistance and guidance to all of our customers.

President Yusuke Ito

Corporate Philosophy

Sanko Ematec finds the undiscoveredpossibilities of vacuum Technology and provides new value to the future.