【 Ulvac Group 】 Vacuum pump/vacuum Exhaust system

ULVAC: vacuum pump, vacuum exhaust system, peripheral equipment

We have a variety of pumps that are the origin of vacuum.

  • Oil rotating Vacuum Pump
    VD Series
  • Dry vacuum Pump
    LR/HR Series
  • Mechanical Buster Pump
    PMB-D series
  • Oil Mist Trup
  • High vacuum valve

Ulvac Kiko: Small vacuum pump and vacuum exhaust system

We also have a large number of small pumps to meet the general industry and a wide range of needs.

  • Oil rotating Vacuum Pump
    GLD Series
  • Oil rotating Vacuum Pump
    G Series
  • Diaphragm type Dry Vacuum Pump
    DA Series
  • Rocking piston Type Dry Vacuum Pump
    DOP Series
  • Mechanical Booster Pump Exhaust system
    VM Series

High and ultra high vacuum exhaust pump and exhaust system

We introduce the lineup of high-vacuum Pumps that contribute from the general industry to the technology industry.

  • Turbo Molecular Pump
    UTM Series
  • Oil diffusion Vacuum Pump
    ULK Series
  • Cryo Pump
  • Turbo Molecular Pump exhaust Unit
    YTP Series
  • Compact High Vacuum exhaust system
    DEPOX Series