【 Ulvac Group 】 Research and development, mass production equipment, materials, consignment deposition

Equipment for research and development

We have a variety of equipment to meet the needs of any research and development.

  • Load-lock type sputtering equipment CS-200
  • Magnetic field ICP high density plasma etching equipment NE-550
  • Cluster-type plasma CVD equipment CME-200E
  • Batch type high vacuum deposition system ei-5
  • Compact freezing vacuum Drying system DFR-5N-B

Equipment for production

This is an introduction of equipment for all industries such as vacuum heat treatment and freeze-drying equipment.

  • FH series of multi-chamber vacuum heat Treatment Furnace
  • Vacuum Brazing Furnace FB series
  • Small-type inter-back sputtering system SIV series
  • Winding sputtering system SPW series

Materials for film forming equipment

We respond to a wide range of needs, such as semiconductors, electronic equipment and Power Eletronics.

  • Sputtering equipment for circular cathode targets
  • Target for rectangular cathode of sputtering equipment
  • Nano Metal Ink