Services information

We provide comprehensive products and information on vacuum technology in collaboration with ULVAC Group and vendor manufacturers.

All-encompassing product strategy with no limits on applications

Sanko Ematec has a strategy of providing products for all purposes without limits on applications to customers from
private corporations to universities and government agencies. We utilize a wide range of communications with each of our
supplier manufacturers,and actively work to pioneer new products. This strategy is useful such as in the scenarios shown below.

  • When looking into introducing new manufacturing equipment
  • When looking into improving the performance of equipment
  • When looking into new development items
  • When looking into new verification/evaluation items

Strategy of obtaining customer satisfaction by focusing on after-sales service

Sanko Ematec has a strategy of focusing not only on new sales,but also on after-sales service such as maintenance and stable
supply of parts. We strive to have a fully-featured after-sales support service system through constant communication and
partnerships with each supplier manufacturer. This strategy is useful such as in the scenarios shown below.

  • When looking into improving operational efficiency
  • When looking into increasing the life of various equipment
  • When requesting a backup in the case of sudden faults

Active as a backseat player for the vacuum technology of our customers

Sanko Ematec strives to support our customers in various ways in all kinds of scenarios related to vacuum.