Company Introduction

Sanko Ematec offers a wide range of products focusing on Vacuum,which strongly support R&D and manufacturing Processes,in various application fields as an industrial base.

Supporting a wide variety of customer needs

We support a wide variety of customers needs diligently for each and everyone through all kinds of products and
maintenance services used in vacuum technology based on the Sanko Ematec behavior policy of “aiming for 120% customer satisfaction”.
Sanko Ematec is a vacuum technology coordinator for our customers that offer daily support in a wide variety of fields.

Sales system tightly linked to the region focusing on the three prefectures of Tokai

We have set up a sales network covering all parts of Aichi,Gifu,and Mie,and provide and operate a sales system that rapidly responds a
wide variety of needs based on partnerships with the Ulvac Group and various manufacturers for products that using vacuum technology
and maintenance.

Providing cutting edge information about all aspects of vacuum technology

We are able to provide customers with cutting edge information on vacuum technology as soon as it is available by utilizing our pipelines with
each manufacturing company focusing on information based on our field experience with vacuum that we have accumulated up to now.

Environmental policy

Sanko Ematec Co.,Ltd. takes active measures to preserve the local environment in our sales and repair activities of vacuum instruments,analysis
instruments,etc.,and has formulated the following “environment policy” in order to continuously make improvements.

  • This environment policy aims to continually reduce our environmental impact by setting medium-term targets(3 to 5 years) and annual targets and
    through implementing continuous improvement activities of environment management systems in all departments in our company.
  • We comply with environment related laws and regulations,and with environmental requests from customers and related companies.
  • We propose customers with products that take preventing environmental pollution into account and work hard to prevent pollution.
  • The environment policy is documented and is distributed to all employees and people working for the company. The policy will be made available
    upon request.
  • We strive for environmental conservation and actively give priority to the following items.
    Proposals and sales of energy saving and resource saving products that employ vacuum technology
    Reduce usage and efficiently use resources and energy

President Yusuke Ito